Throwback Thursday

This idea is borrowed from my girl over at I Heart YA Fiction .  "Throwbacks can be: -a book you've read and loved, or a...

This idea is borrowed from my girl over at I Heart YA Fiction

"Throwbacks can be:
-a book you've read and loved, or a book you've always wanted to read
-a book that brings back memories for you
-from as far back as childhood, or just from last year
-a classic or hidden gem"-From Take Me Away

Today's TBT is:
This series is my childhood. They are the first books my parents ever bought me. The first books I couldn't be torn away from. The first books I cried and laughed over. The first books I actually went back and read. I've read each of them at least four times. When I think of my childhood, of happy memories, of a downright good read.... I think of Elsie Dinsmore, Millie Keith, and Violet Travilla. 

Most of the story takes place in the south east United States, on plantations. The other part of the series happens in foreign lands, on mission fields... and in Landsdale, Ohio and Pleasant Plains, Indiana. Essentially, this series is a majestic blend of Gone With the Wind, Little House on the Prairie, and anything by Elisabeth Elliot. 

If you get the Life of Faith versions of the books, they come with really cool features. Like, there's an extensive forward that shows the history of traditions and the setting. If you ever need to research plantation life, just the Forward of Elsie Dinsmore could provide you with tons of information. Oh! And each book has a family tree at the beginning and details about the characters.

The most heartbreaking thing is that I've never met anybody else who's read this series. I've never been able to scream and laugh about the characters with anybody. I feel like it's my secret. These are my books. My stories. My characters. ...And I wanted to share that secret with you guys. The stories are meant for younger girls, but even as a New Adult, I still love these books. Each time I read them it's like the first time. 

I hope one day you'll be able to fall in love with them too. 


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  1. The name has been bugging me ever since I read this last week, and it just hit me. I've never read them, but I know my little sister has :-). She enjoyed them A LOT.

    1. They really are great books. You should read them! :) ...I'm kind of wanting to re-read them myself xD

  2. oh, My GOODNESS. SJ. I have no idea how I missed this post but I DEVOURED these books bringing them home from the library in 6th/7th grade. My sister has about half the Millie series. I can't say I've read them as many times as you, but you're not alone anymore!

    1. YAYAYAY! :D I'm so happy you've read them! You're still the only person I know who actually has read them xD but that makes me happy I can share it with you. My favorites were the Violet Travilla stories.